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Kitchen worktop made of stone

Types of kitchen worktops

Kitchen is primarily a workplace. Here we prepare meals, cut, bake and fry. Sometimes something will spill, fall or break. The temperature in the kitchen can be high, and steaming dishes make the room humid. Our kitchen furniture must be resistant to unfavourable conditions and easy to clean. The most durable should be the worktop – after all, it is the worktop where the most action takes place. Which worktop to choose? What kind of material should it be made of?

Laminated kitchen worktop

Laminated tops are lightweight and very durable. They are especially recommended for homes with small children because they are very easy to clean, so we do not have to worry about stains. Moreover, they are cheap and their replacement will not empty our pockets. This type of worktops does not fade, they are resistant to moisture and scratches. Their greatest advantage is the choice from a wide range of colors, so you will surely find one that fits your dream kitchen. However, we must remember to protect the cut edges with silicone or metal strip to protect the board from moisture.

Wooden worktop for kitchens

This is an extremely fashionable type of worktop. It owes its popularity mainly to the Scandinavian style, which won the hearts of Poles by storm. It will also work well in French style kitchens, but also in modern, lofty or minimalist ones. Wooden worktops are unfortunately the most demanding and the least durable – exposed to stains, damage or discoloration caused by the sun. Wooden worktops must be oiled regularly or decided to varnish them, which will take away much of their natural charm and may cause that because of the thick layer of hard varnish it will be difficult to distinguish them from laminated worktops with a wooden pattern. The advantage of wooden worktops, however, is the possibility to sand them, which will remove all signs of intensive use, unless we are lovers of wood, on which the mark of time has been reflected.

Kitchen worktop made of stone

This is the toughest and most durable of all kitchen worktops. It is not afraid of hot dishes, splashes or mechanical damage. You can cut, beat meat with a pestle, put hot dishes and pots directly on the countertop. In the case of small cavities, stone can be sanded, which makes the choice of a stone kitchen countertop an investment for life. Unfortunately, the durability of kitchen worktops goes hand in hand with their high price.

Choosing a kitchen worktop is an important decision that should be considered. We need to think not only about how our kitchen is to be furnished, but also how often and intensively we will use it. The important thing is, of course, whether the budget will allow us to use more expensive solutions and whether we will have time and desire to renovate the worktop. On the market we will find many opportunities and everyone will surely find something for oneself.



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