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Kitchen Worktops Decor – What colours go together?

A comprehensive guide to choosing the right décor complementing your kitchen worktops:

Have you ever wondered what colour of appliances you should elect, so that they don’t clash with your worktops or kitchen cabinets? Well, look no further. This article outlines all the three paramount colour-matching rules that you should follow, enabling you to create an ideal kitchen worktops decor environment.

The three current trends and unfailing colour-pairing techniques:

The main kitchen worktops decor contrast: White and Copper

kitchen worktops decorThe blend of these colours is one of the most trendy 2019 styles. It’s implemented into vast kitchens – the big and the small, and in hundreds of variations. These colours are often paired on the big scale: e.g. a (main section) white worktop with a (smaller) copper worktop, or copper sinks or taps.
However, most of the time white or marble-lookalike worktops are chosen as the primary colours, and copper is only that supplementing, secondary hue that complements the overall light colour scheme.

It’s important to mention that the copper kitchen worktops decor elements are often very subtle. Many people incorporate copper cabinet door handles, or lamp-shades, or purchase copper appliances like kettles or toasters – these are elements that don’t usually strike you as overwhelming.
So, whether you go for a lot of copper, or merely subtle elements here and there, you will not fail with this combination. Although, I highly recommend that you keep the balance just right. When it comes to this mixture, make sure that, to achieve the best effects, you use copper sparingly and in moderation – enough to demonstrate that subtle contrast, but in a non eye-striking manner.

kitchen worktops decor

Grey and White

Grey and white are always the safe colours to blend. Grey is the current epitome of modernity and style. That’s why the hue often creeps in into modern interiors – the distinctive light greyness of concrete, the darker shade of natural rock – it all may seem bland and generic, but nowadays, grey is truly the most frequently chosen colour for interior decor. And what’s vital, it blends in perfectly with white. It’s almost as if the two colours belong together. Just have a look at the picture below and say the contrast isn’t stunning:

kitchen worktops decor


Now, the same goes for appliances or overall decor – especially if you apply this colour-matching technique in three ways: e.g. dark grey cabinets, light grey appliances/decor and white worktops. Another example is provided in picture 2 above, where the grey bar-stools naturally complement the worktops. This combination guarantees success!



Black and White

The black and white contrast is one of the most classic, and most used colour pairings – but that’s because it’s timeless, it’s continuously relevant – it’s simple and just works. Whether you opt for Absolute Black granite worktops or white quartz worktops, opting for black or white appliances/decor for each circumstances isn’t hard. These colour varieties are available in almost every store, and they’re reliable. you simply can’t go wrong with these products.

kitchen worktops decor

kitchen worktops decorIf you want to learn more tips about interior design, home decor and kitchen worktops decor, read our other article from a couple of months back: Home Decor – it discusses various tips, on how to turn a newly purchased interior into your personal home.



Likewise, if you would like to familiarise yourself with more home decor colour-matching examples, feel free to browse this website:
Interior Design – Love to Know present a lot of other colour recommendations and rules to follow when decorating a contemporary home or apartment. They outline percentage rates of colour uses, favourite colour schemes and even a unique colour wheel which helps you to make distinctive pairings, or confirm whether your already existing colour schemes work. These don’t apply just to the kitchen, but your entire home! We highly recommend this blog article, as well as the entire website itself.



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