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Is it possible to buy wrong Blue Pearl Granite Worktops?

There are many natural stones on the market, but blue pearl granite is without a doubt the real deal. This natural stone convinces anyone with its beautiful grain and unique aquatic colours. It can be used both inside and outside, since it’s composed of highly resistant, compressed minerals. Blue Pearl Granite Kitchen with white cabinets

This special natural stone comes from Norway and belongs to the Syenite rock type. It is a hard stone and therefore can be utilised mainly for kitchen worktops, washbasins, flooring and staircase coverings or general cladding. It’s a reliable material not only due to its easy maintenance and high durability, but above all by its unique appearance. It’s a fabulous choice and a beautiful compliment to any interior.

The specificity of natural stone, Blue Pearl granite worktops

Blue Pearl granite is swimming with iridescent inclusions – it’s a perfect match for highly contemporary cabinets, gloss white, dark or natural wood.

It’s simply beautiful and in a polished finish, it genuinely becomes the centre-piece of any interior. However, one should pay particular attention to the great quality of this natural stone. Cheap Blue Pearl granite worktops are often greyish, while the proper stuff is rich in blue, radiant elements. When you compare the high quality model next the cheap counterpart in real light, you’ll instantly notice the superiority of the true Blue Pearl granite worktops.Blue Pearl Granite Kitchen with white cabinets

Let the beauty of Blue Pearl granite consume your love for natural stone. It will fit into any room: en suites, kitchen, living room and create a wonderful atmosphere.

The best types of Blue Pearl granite worktop varieties

Blue Pearl granite is available in different variants, after all, it’s composed by nature so diversity is inevitable. There’s some that are cheap natural stones (greyish), often sold by Chinese factories, and then there are reliable companies. Take Levantina, Brachot Hermant, Nile Stone or The Surface Collection, who sell genuine Blue Pearl Granite slabs to UK manufacturers.

Blue pearl granite worktop stones are sourced from various corners of the world, including India, China and Spain. It’s therefore natural that the shades will differ. But if you want that rich, sea blue effect, you need to extract it from the right place – usually Norway. The companies mentioned above will guarantee that your granite blue pearl meets the highest quality standards.

And please remember that even when blue pearl granite quantity of slabs get extracted from one quarry, the shades and patterns might still differ.

A powerful accent in your kitchen

Granite worktops are distinguished by their high resistance to moisture, which is particularly important in kitchens. So if you purchase a blue pearl granite worktop, they wont absorb moisture, meaning that no permanent, unsightly marks will be left behind on the worktop. Blue pearl granite worktops are also very durable, thanks to the toughness of granite. Granite is originally formed by lava solidifying, usually in a very high pressure context. To melt granite alone, a temperature of up to 1000°C is needed. So you can put hot dishes on the surface without a worry it’ll harm the granite. It is also insensitive to cleaning agents, except acids, so cleaning it is a piece of cake.

Granite does not lose its appearance and physical properties over time, even when exposed to sunlight, and is resistant to dirt and stains. It is a really strong accent in any kitchen in terms of durability and aesthetics…

A kitchen bathed in luxury

Granite makes the kitchen look very elegant. It’s a material which, unlike wood, cools down the interior, which is why we particularly recommend it for industrial and glamorous arrangements. The worktop made of granite can also be afforded by those who prefer classic and modern solutions. It is a perfect match for wooden and varnished fronts.

In brief, what are the attributes of granite?

·       High resistance to moisture and high temperature

·       Available in a wide range of colours

·       Can be cleaned with virtually all care products

·       Luxurious kitchen design

·       It looks great in the company of shiny fronts


Blue Pearl worktops, after processing and polishing its surface, showcase the unique, blue scales of quartz, which is illusionary reminiscent of joyful blue eyes, or if you prefer the Blue Lagoon in Malta. It’s an image hard to describe, and looking at the surface every day during breakfast can be very soothing and alluring.

However, beware that there are deposits of Blue Pearl with a more grey shade of scales and they are much smaller – so contacting the right manufacturing business (see above) is key. It will undoubtedly be a beautiful decoration of our fireplace, flooring or kitchen worktops, or maybe a decoration of our house or apartment.



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