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Granite worktop online quote

Kitchen is the heart of every home. It is here that we meet with other tenants and prepare meals together. We are in it every day and it is here that social meetings are often held. This room is associated with warmth, smell and pleasant atmosphere, so each of us pays special attention during its furnishing.

Table top made of granite

Once we have completed the kitchen furniture and the necessary household appliances, it is necessary to take care of the proper selection of kitchen worktops. Due to their function, they are exposed to contact with water, different temperatures, steam, sharp tools.

The question arises here: What material should we use to make countertops so that they can enjoy their beauty for many years? The answer is simple: made of granite.

Granite worktops are characterized by durability and extraordinary resistance. By choosing granite as a material for kitchen worktops we avoid burnt boards or worktops made of other materials that are not as resistant to contact with hot dishes as granite. Granite worktops look beautiful in every colour. Most often, kitchen worktops are made in a polished structure, which gives perfect smoothness and natural incredible shine.

Granite worktops, due to their intended use, are exposed to contact with fat or water, so they should be impregnated to avoid possible discoloration. The most vulnerable in this case will be granite in light colours. Specially designed for this purpose impregnates will protect our granite worktops against absorption of various substances.

How much does a granite worktop cost?

Prices of granite worktops range from about 500-600 PLN to about 2000 PLN per square meter. Stones with interesting, rare patterns and colours are usually more expensive. When estimating the price of a granite worktop, it may turn out that the cost of specially reinforced furniture – due to its weight – has to be taken into account.

Granite worktop online quote

Granite worktop online quote is one of the main services of Polish Granite, thanks to which you can determine the value of a stone worktop without leaving your home and without incurring any costs. Completely free of charge and in just a few seconds you will get to know the average prices of a kitchen or bathroom granite worktop.

The final price of a worktop depends on several factors – surface, colour, thickness or type of processing. At the beginning you should choose granite in the colour, shape and dimensions you are interested in. With the granite worktop online quote you will know the approximate amount of granite worktop (the exact amount you will receive from our consultant after reading the details of the inquiry, including the ways of joining the worktops and the final assembly).

The next step after the order is to make a template and measurements of the kitchen countertop. It is done by our qualified fitters. The installation of a granite worktop takes from three to eight hours, depending on the size and complexity of the project.


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