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Laser engraving granite

Granite features

Granite is a natural stone with a lot of exceptional qualities. First of all, it’s a really hard stone, which is almost impossible to scratch. It’s highly durable and resistant to impacts. It’s also non-porous which means that it doesn’t absorb liquids easily. It’s also resistant to stains and heat. All these qualities combined with its unique colours and veining make it perfect for furnishing house interiors but also for other more unusual applications.

Granite uses

Granite is commonly used in making bathroom worktops, kitchen countertops, halls flooring and walls cladding. Granite can be also encountered on the streets, there are pavement elements, which are typically made of granite and on the cemeteries, which are full of granite tombstones. More unusual granite uses are for example all kinds of artistic creations like pieces of jewellery, decorative elements of clothing like tie pins, cufflinks or granite pieces intertwined in the fabric of various parts of garments. You can also find granite cubes for drinking whisky (instead of ice) or granite supports for pens etc. There really are many and more granite uses.

Laser engraving granite

Although, it’s not easy to shape granite there is a possibility of laser engraving granite. What does this process mean and what are its possible applications? Laser engraving is a process where special laser engraving machine etches granite surface. Basically, laser is pointed directly to granite surface and engraves it. It’s usually a shallow etch. During the process the colour of the surface is removed and a picture or lettering is created. Modern laser machines are very precise and there is a wide range of possible patterns and letters to be engraved. Interestingly, the images and letters are getting more and more complex. What are the applications of laser engraved granite? These you can find on tombstones (think of all the intricate images of saints) but also on granite plates on building walls or front doors of offices.



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