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Cost of Quartz Worktops – How much? How and where to get the best price?

What price should you be paying for high quality quartz? Learn below:

When it comes to the field of kitchen worktops, enormous technological progress has been made in recent years. Quartz kitchen worktops are now making a real difference for architects and kitchen / worktop suppliers around the world! The extremely durable material presently dominates the water-absorbent natural stone worktops, hard-wearing wood or rapidly deforming laminated worktops. Apart from sintered stone, quartz can be easily labelled as the current standard, as the benchmark product that should be present in every office, household or restaurant. Why is that?

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Advantages of the quartz worktop

Quartz worktops are ideal for kitchen worktops. As we mentioned above, quartz worktops are not only the most fashionable and desirable materials for all European customers, they are genuinely a top quality investment. A solid surface such as quartz is perfect for contact with food, because most such worktops are imbibed with anti-bacterial properties. They also prevent the formation of moulds, bacteria and fungi, because the surfaces never develops minute cracks or fissures, where growth of moulds is most common if neglected.

A quartz kitchen can be resistant to scratches, deep abrasion and UV radiation, meaning you can use it for a lifetime. The best thing is, internal properties of worktops quartz remain unchanged even with intensive use and frequent cleaning – it doesn’t get discoloured, it never fades or chips. Kitchen worktops such as those consist of natural materials as well as man-made ingredients. These are mainly quartz, resin, granite rock and ceramic pigments.

Quartz is a solid surface resistant to chemicals and stains from everyday use. Because it’s a man-made product, manufacturers of quartz already supplement the quartz + resin amalgamation with anti or non porous and water-repellent substances, so once it’s cooked up, no liquid or even acid will penetrate its surface. Not only will this grant you a peace of mind but also cleaning and maintenance becomes a trivial, effortless task that your kids may easily execute, without you worrying about constant damage of your new kitchen worktops. We should also mention that it’s a material supplied in 3 thicknesses, depending on the company (from 12mm up to 30mm, which usually tends to be the standard). Although, if you need a larger thickness, e.g. 40 or 60mm, there’s also the possibility of implementing downstands which can enlarge the stone worktops.

So, in terms of attributes such as resistance and longevity, quartz rules on the worktop market. But one question remains – what is the cost of quartz worktops?

quartz worktop cost

Countertops made from quartz conglomerate – cheaper, more fashionable, modern equivalent of worktops granite

Quartz worktops are made of natural quartz (about 90%), ground with polyester resin and dyes, meaning they essentially synthetic products. Manufacturers use that to their advantage – not only by creating intriguing colours, patterns and blends, but also by constantly improving the quartz products and fashioning it into a near-indestructible, flawless solid surface material.

Quartz worktops are also completely free of pores, therefore their smooth, polished texture makes them easy to clean and maintain. While granite worktops require impregnation with special anti/ non porous sealants every 2-3 months, quartz worktops don’t have that need. So after purchase, you never need to be anxious about them absorbing spilled liquid – this includes strong liquids such as coffee, acid, wine or juices.

In terms of texture, general feeling and sometimes appearance, quartz worktops are very similar to those of granite, though unlike granite, they have a homogeneous structure, lacking natural veins, mineral dispositions or blemishes, as a result making them more resistant to cracking, chipping or breaking. They also have no pores, so no impregnation is necessary. They are heat resistant, but not as heat-proof as granite – this is the area where quartz worktops suppliers still need to improve on. But apart from that, they are characterised by immaculate resistance to scratches and mechanical damage – in some cases even more so than granite worktops themselves, because as we already mentioned, quartz is structurally less vulnerable and generally more integral, compact in terms of composition.

Quartz kitchen worktop prices : what’s the lowest price point you should be expecting from a decent, reliable seller?

The answer to that question can never be entirely clear. This will all depend on the manufacturer you choose, the size of your new kitchen, the worktop material itself, your location (e.g. if you live on a top-floor flat in a skyscraper, it will cost more to fit the quartz worktops. This is the same if you live in a remote location e.g. the country or Scottish highlands). The factors are many but generally, the cheapest worktops, production cost, installation etc. may cost as little as £2k. Yes, compared to wooden or laminate worktops this is still high, but believe me when I say this, quartz lasts for a lifetime. You spend £2k, but purchase yourself a product for years. Compare that to users of plastic, wood, metal or laminate worktops who have to exchange their product every half a decade due to wear and tear.worktop quartz price

What’s the highest price quartz kitchen worktops can sell for?

The highest prices for stone worktops can range between £4 – £5k for a basic kitchen. This is because some quartz countertop and granite worktops producers sell finite, Price Group 6 category, generally expensive materials. Why? For many reasons. For example, the design is rare, elaborate in pattern, or the whole thing is complicated to manufacture, high in demand or available in limited stock – but sometimes a company such as Silestone, Compac, Caesarstone or CRL chooses to monopolise a colour, therefore they can charge anything they wish per slab.

What should you look out for when searching for your desired material? How to ensure you get the best possible deal?

  • First things first, you need to choose a quartz kitchen worktops company that is reliable, not only in terms of prices but also the work executed, in the office and outside of it. If you want your cost of quartz worktops to be most attractive, we suggest reaching out to Polish Granite LTD. They are a company that consistently dispense their prices for each kitchen worktop service fairly, ensuring they only get minimum profit. Not only that, they also think logistically – if you have a small kitchen that barely fits into one slab of quartz, they won’t charge you for two slabs without thinking much of it. Instead, you’re guaranteed that the customer service will think outside the box, either they will search for relevant offcuts to reduce your cost, or contact the suppliers whether they have any larger slabs, or suggest other alternatives you could take instead of automatically charging you more for essentially nothing.
  • Another thing we could suggest is opening up to alternative solutions – if you’re determined about one particular colour, be sure that you’ve explored all other available materials of similar hues. As we mentioned above, sometimes companies will set very high prices for their colours, so a specialist, e.g. a Polish Granite employee, will almost always recommend a more affordable, but cheaper product from another company. The great thing is 9 times out of 10 , the suggested colour will be almost identical to the one you’ve chosen. And the cheap alternatives, reduced in cost don’t suggest the quartz is inferior; it could simply mean that the company gets very good discounts for the counterpart, or the counterpart is currently on offer or sale, thus the difference in worktop prices.cost of granite quartz
  • Our suggestion is be open and heed the advice of the consultants, because they know what the trade is about, they understand what the best deals are, and honest employees from firms such as Polish Granite will never take advantage of your situation. Their priority is the customer, not the money or profit earned.
What else affects the cost of quartz worktops?
Worktop Thickness + Additional Elements = increased worktop prices

The minute details tend to matter e.g. the thicknesses – the thicker the quartz kitchen worktops, the more expensive it’s going to be. Usually, by opting for less material you can limit your quartz or granite worktop costs, saving as much as £200+ if your kitchen requires two slabs for completion. But there are other elements of your quartz worktops project you can also look into e.g. splashback, upstands, draining grooves, recess area, sink-type (undermounted or overmounted cut out), rounded corners etc. These are all details that will increase your quartz or granite worktop price. After all, you must remember each detail involves cutting, polishing and installing – these are all time-consuming procedures that will raise the labour and thus the kitchen worktop price.

Templating + Quartz Worktop Installation

When estimating the cost of quartz worktops, you must also take into account the templating and installation itself. Polish granite, and many other granite worktops companies automatically charge for the services, because most clients request them. However, to save cost for your solid surface project you may resign from the services and either install the stone worktops yourself or ask a professional friend/family member (if available) to complete the installation for you. It’s not worth looking elsewhere for independent installators because it’s almost guaranteed they will not do a better job than professional fabricators of such quartz worktop products – besides, it’s likely that independent installators and the fabricators will charge similar prices, so it may not be worth the hassle.

Likewise, if you could make templates of the kitchen worktops surfaces area yourself and then bring them to the workshop of the stone fabricator company, you could also save yourself a couple of hundred quid. After all, templating is a whole independent measuring service – this means that the company will usually make two trips to your property, once to measure out, and second time to install. If you could save them the hassle of travel to your property and then the 2hrs spent on measurement, I’m sure the costs would drop a little.

[CAUTION] Please beware that some companies, like the one I suggested above have a strict policy that they only complete full installations if they template themselves. This is because they don’t want to be responsible if any issues arise with the new kitchen worktops, and the faulty templates are at fault. In some cases the projects are so expensive that they would rather not risk the cutting, polishing and installing by relying on inexperienced template abilities of the owner.

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Unplanned Cost During Execution of Your Stone Worktop Project

You may find that unplanned cost suddenly arise when planning out your quartz worktop or granite worktops. As the templating team could advise you during the measurement, sometimes extra support is required for the stone worktops – something you may need to fix along with your fitter.

You also need to buy appropriate accessories for the granite worktops or quartz countertop – sometimes legs for the breakfast bar (because quartz can only support 30-40cm max of overhang), in other cases you might want a special sink or tap to match your requirements, if you choose a fragile granite, with many natural vainage systems, they might call for steel support that is embedded into the base of the stone worktops (these aid the installation process and stabilise/support the natural stone for future).

Optional Elements – What Else Will Impact the Price of Your Bespoke Worktops? 
  • One other aspect which can impact your quartz worktop price is the inclusion of optional elements into your kitchen which are almost always cosmetic improvements. Firstly, customers very often request grooves on the external overhang for LED lighting systems – these are very fashionable, popular solutions nowadays but it undoubtedly rockets the overall project prices.
  • Furthermore, if you chose the option of side panels from the same material as your quartz worktop e.g. for your island or unit finish, please factor in the extra cost of fitting – the mitring process during installation of the quartz worktop material is extra laborious and may raise the price.
  • Customers likewise often go for it the implementation of pull-out sockets (which by the way look great on kitchen islands, where available sockets to plug in your appliances are limited). These cost very little in terms of actually cutting out the hole, but the socket compartment itself, which is often based on an automatic/electronic ascend/descent motion can cost you as much as £100 or more, if you leave it to your fitter to complete the installation.
  • Nowadays the implementation of electric extractor fans that are embedded into the quartz worktops are also very popular and regarded as modern. They are often labelled as downdraft cooker hoods that with a press of a button either raise or lower into the worktop. The prices of these range between £300-£500.

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When considering the costs of a quartz worktop, it is also worth taking into account the warranty – some companies give an automatic 25-year warranty on their products – others however, do not. It is wise to ask your fabricators/suppliers whether warranty is included, and if not you might need to take that into consideration. Indeed if a worktop ends up being faulty e.g. in the rare circumstances it randomly breaks, stains or discolours, you have the right to request a replacement as non-mechanical damage is an indication of material flaw. Although not every company (especially one that does not provide the warranty) is willing to rectify the fault. If you’re purchasing quartz worktops without the warranty, please be mindful that you might require additional insurance on the stone worktops which may be often obtained along with your house insurance.

It’s always good to include your stone kitchen worktops in the insurance package anyway. In the event that you drop your meat-hammer on the worktop and chip or slightly break it, or end up scratching it by accidentally breaking a mug on the surfaces, an insurer could remedy the situation. Unfortunately mechanical-damages are very rarely, if ever, covered by the warranty, so a repair will be needed. Suppliers are unlikely to completely replace your quartz worktops or granite worktops if mechanical damage was applied – after spending thousands of pounds on the material already, a good way of keeping a peace of mind is by insuring the worktops.



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