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White quartz worktops – modern or traditional design

White quartz worktops – traditional interiors

There are many materials, designs and colors of kitchen worktops. There’s a variety of available products. You can choose from high quality natural stones like granite or marble, from highly resistant and reliable engineered stones like quartz, from materials like ceramics or simply wood or modern metal. In terms of shapes and design you can have everything imaginable as well. There are so many ready-made designs or customized projects that can completely change the way your kitchen looks. Then, there is multiplicity of possible types of edges and polish. Kitchen worktops can be cut to have rough edges and curved lines or can have clear lines. You can choose from a very high polish and have a glossy worktop which reflects the light, or you can have a completely matte one. The choices are many and to people who don’t really know what they want it may be too much. Therefore, it’s good to see how a given choice may look like in given contexts to get better idea.

Let’s set on white quartz worktops. White quartz worktops can work pretty well in all kinds of interiors, both traditional and modern ones. Let’s focus first on traditional kitchen. Simply imagine the following. The kitchen is bright and welcoming. There’s a  lot of light coming in. The windows are rather big. The furniture is typical cottage furniture. It’s made of light wood, the color is intense. The appliances are state-of-the-art, but made to look old. There’s a lot of green, there are flowers and pots with herbs. There are mugs hanging over the worksurface and napkins with funny sayings. There’s an aura of chaos, but it’s a welcomed one. The clutter isn’t a mess. It’s just a proof of life going on. The kitchen is busy and yet gives off the feeling of peace and rest. In the very center there’s a huge white quartz worktop. It’s milky white – warm and welcoming. It has rough edges and isn’t polished. It’s there waiting to be used. It invites you to cut, peel and skin the products, to make dinner and enjoy it while eating. Can you see it?

White quartz worktops – modern kitchen

White quartz worktops can work well in a modern kitchen. To see it fully let’s picture this. The kitchen is all washed in white. There are white walls, white cabinets and white appliances with metallic elements. The white is a sterile one, pure white  of pearls, a little shiny and giving off its glare. It all reflect well off the metallic elements. The lines are clear and simple. The kitchen is really easy to navigate through. There’s not even one unnecessary detail or thing that’s out of place. All is carefully planned and arranged. White quartz worktop is sitting there among the cabinets. At first sight, you may not even notice it. It’s infused there and looks perfectly. Maybe that’s the kitchen for you?



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