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The choice of kitchen furniture

The choice of kitchen furniture – things you should remember!

The kitchen not only has to be ideal, it’s got to be functional. The primary kitchen equipment is the furniture. The market offers multiple options and eventually when you have to make your choice, the decision does not come easy. The clients usually don’t know what aspects they should consider and in the end they may be unhappy with the purchased items. We know all of this too well, so we decided to prepare a list of the most important informations.

  • In the case of lower cupboards (cabinets) the standard height is between 70-85 cm, and in the case of upper cupboards it is between 25-100 cm. As to width, sizes between 10-90cm are most popular. The standard depth of lower cupboards is 50 cm, while the depth of the upper cupboards is slightly lower, around 30 cm.
  • Cupboard fronts can be made out of different materials. The most popular are wood, particleboards, softforming boards. postforming boards, laminated particle boards, veneer boards, Medium-Density Fibreboards (MDF), glass and stainless steel. These materials differ in terms of robustness, resistance and type of finish. Wooden fronts are expensive but they are durable and elegant. Fronts made of laminated particle board are cheap, but have little resistance to moisture and damages (the board may expand and the laminate may peel off). Products made of veneer boards are very similar to those made of wood, but their price is significantly lower. Cupboard doors made of MDF boards are quite robust, they can be shaped in a number of ways, come in multiple colours and their price is affordable. Steel products are light and resistant to harmful factors. Glass doors look really nice, but they are heavier than steel fronts and more damage-prone.
  • Front surface may be smooth, profiled, louvred or it may have a carved relief.
  • Sides of the cupboards can be made from particle boards, wood or MDF. It is better to choose those made from wood or MDF, because they are more durable, stiff and handle everyday use well.
  • Worktops for kitchen furniture should be made of materials resistant to heat and moisture. The surface should be appropriately impregnated, otherwise dirt will penetrate the structure of the material.
  • Kitchen furniture requires good quality accessories. Cheap hinges, handles and tracks will wear out very quickly and they will need to be replaced.
  • Kitchen furniture comes in many shades but it is best to choose universal and neutral ones. They will suit every arrangement and colour scheme of the interior.
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