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Granite off cuts

Unusual use of granite off cuts

During the manufacturing of granite worktops, tiles, sills and wall linings, a lot of off cuts material is produced. It is a product of full value, but it is not used again for the production of the above-mentioned items. Why? Usually the pieces are too small and have irregular shapes. It doesn’t mean however, that they cannot be used. We decided to present you with several ways of giving second life to granite off cuts. Our suggestions are quite extraordinary but we believe they will find some followers.

How can you use granite off cuts?

  • Stands for figurines, memorabilia or statues – granite is heavy and provides good stability, even for big objects, provided they are attached to the stone. It is an incredibly beautiful and elegant and it is possible to engrave an inscription on its surface. The possibility of personalization is a great asset, especially when the memorabilia collection is quite big. It comes in a wide variety of colours and it can be formed into any desired shape – it simply has to be adequately cut. The object can be attached with a glue or screwed to the stone.
  • Grill stone – polished granite is perfect for the heat treatment of meat. It accumulates the heat and and dissipates it evenly from the whole surface. The dirt and fat do not adhere to its smooth surface therefore the cleaning takes seconds. Granite boards have anti-bacterial properties, they are scratch and spot resistant. They do not absorb moisture.
  • Baking stone – it’s another practical way of using granite off cuts. Granite is a hard and robust magmatic rock, which endures extreme operating conditions, and it can make a perfect baking stone. It’s resistant to high temperatures (of up to 1200°C), perfectly accumulates heat, dissipates it evenly, removes excessive moisture and maintains heat (it can remain warm for over 3 hours!). It is worth adding that it is also very hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Chopping board – High resistance to mechanical damage, especially to scratches, makes granite off cuts a perfect material for chopping boards. Once polished and impregnated, the stone becomes resistant to water and dirt. They look really exclusive and if you see them, it will be difficult for you to hide your enthusiasm. Cleaning is a child’s play. You only need a soft cloth and a mild detergent. They do not absorb odours, and, unlike wooden products, are highly hygienic. They are perfect for serving cheese, starters and even meals.

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