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Black metallic quartz – welcome the starry night

Black metallic quartz

Quartz as an engineered stone comes in multiplicity of colors. You can choose from blackest black colors to pearly white, with almost everything in between. You can have your quartz polished, so it’s glossy and shiny, reflecting the light in an amazing way. You can also have it matt, so the surface isn’t so shiny and appears to be darker and more solid. No matter the color and type of polish, quartz is a stunning element of home interior and design. To help you imagine quartz power better just think of an example. Let’s choose black metallic quartz as a starting point of our journey through design.

Black metallic quartz as the very name suggests is a shade of black with metallic elements. The black here is not a deep black of a moonless night, but rather something like a shade between black and grey. The color depends on the point from where you look. No matter the angle, black or grey shade quartz metallic is filled with sparkles. A shiny small particles glowing underneath the surface, twinkling and constantly in motion. The quartz slab is just a start. Now you need to find for it a proper place and surroundings. Let’s go a step further and move black metallic quartz to your house, and particularly to your kitchen.

Starry night in your kitchen

Black metallic quartz is now in your kitchen. It’s the massive countertop in the very center of your kitchen. Can you see it, just sitting in the middle, looking like resting after a long walk? The countertop is huge with extra space to accommodate dining area. Nothing stands on its way. It’s not cluttered or decorated with unnecessary elements. It simply doesn’t need them. It’s the very center and can stand on its own. Its position is not threatened. Does it remind you of something? Isn’t it like a starry night invited to your kitchen? Can’t you see the starts reflecting the light, blinking at you? Don’t worry, if this image is too overwhelming. Bring back the day with white washed walls and bright furniture. Enjoy the night and day both.



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