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What do you need to know about granite sinks?

Granite sinks appear more and more commonly in kitchens. It’s no wonder – they are functional, impressive and durable. Besides they fit excellently with nearly every interior design and add to it a little bit of luxurious character. If you are planning to buy one for your kitchen then we invite you to get familiar with the rest of the text. Here, we touch upon every important issue and mention some disadvantages of these products. Enjoy reading!

Great look – granite sinks look great and match every interior design, whether it is classic and highly traditional or modern – minimalistic or stylized. They make a great addition to the rest of the furniture. They come in wide variety of colors (white, black, beige, grey, green, red, blue) and many shapes (round, square, rectangular, unilocular and bilocular). Moreover, it is possible to buy granite batteries that fit them beautifully.

Incredible durability – granite sinks are undoubtedly the most durable of products available on the market. They excel in unusual resistance to mechanical damage, effects of strong chemicals and high temperatures. As a consequence, using them is comfortable and not problematic at all. One does not need to worry that a thrown knife will scratch them or boiling water damage their structure. These are many years-lasting products that properly maintained will preserve its wonderful look for a long time.

Simple cleaning – maintenance of granite sinks is neither time-consuming, nor too involving, though one has to keep in mind to clean them regularly. That is why it is highly advised to wash them daily with warm water and a mild detergent like dishwashing liquid. Obviously to remove dirt a soft clout has to be used, and after doing it they have to be rinsed and dried up. Thanks to that smutting that is difficult to remove will not appear and scale will not settle on their walls. They also need to be impregnated from time to time, in order to bring back its shine and improve durability and resilience.

Unfortunately, granite sinks also have some disadvantages. Undoubtedly, they consist of hefty price and massive weight. Their prices reach hundreds and even thousands of zlotys, so not everyone can afford them. Besides, they are heavy, require strengthened worktop and strong cupboards that are not cheap too. Moreover, some substances may tinge them permanently. Such substances are wine, coffee and tea, so one has to be careful pouring them into sink and all the remaining need to be amply rinsed with water.



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