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Laying the stone floors-what you need to know

Frequent mistakes made when laying the stone floors

Stone flooring certainly looks very impressive, but their proper execution requires relevant knowledge, experience and proper equipment. Unfortunately, the lack of any of these factors often leads to mistakes that can cost us dearly. This article describes those that occur the most frequently, and if you are curious what they are, we invite you to keep reading!

1. Use of equipment suitable for cutting ceramics, while it is necessary to use the saws and diamond blades that enable smooth and even trim stone, such tools are expensive, and their type must be chosen according to the type of stone, because only then can you achieve the desired result.

2. The use of adhesives and grout with cement. Their contact may cause neutralisation reaction and lead to the formation of staining on the surface of the stone creations, which will be difficult to remove. Thus a person who specializes in the flooring systems should be familiar with the acidity of the stones, and keeping in mind to choose the right adhesives and grout.

3. Laying of stone tiles on wet/damp concrete base, which significantly prolongs the whole process of floor drying.

4. Rushing during the whole process, accompanied by a lack of control equal floor using a spirit level and an easy two meters. Negligence in this matter may cause the floor to not present it as nicely.

5. Fast grouting, which should be done only when the glue dries well. It is best to wait about a week, and during that time to cultivate the floor, pouring water on its surface.

6. Lack of verification whether the tile is completely covering the surface (this can be checked by a knocking action – when the board will issue a hollow sound, this means that there is a free space between itself and the floor surface). Of course this does not always result in the crack of a tile, but if possible, it is best to eliminate the possibility of such incidents anyway.



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