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Cottage furniture – what’s new

Cottage furniture – qualities

There are times when various types of furniture are much more popular than others. It’s enough to mention such styles as Victorian or cottage furniture. Whereas Victorian furniture is becoming more and more a thing of the past, cottage furniture which was extremely popular in the late 19th century is gaining its momentum now as well. Some styles are simply better suited to accommodate our contemporary as well aesthetic needs. What’s so good and interesting in such furniture that it’s getting its new life now?

cottageLet’s start with basics. What’s such furniture and what are its typical features? Cottage furniture is style that was developed in the 90s in the 19th century in the United States. Cottage furniture was mass produced and gained popularity especially in rural areas and farm houses. It was usually made of soft pinewood and was brightly coloured. The most typical colours were white, grey or pale shades of grey or pink. All the elements of this type of furniture were usually declared with some flower motifs and in general were lavishly decorated. It’s really interesting that some parts of cottage furniture, like bed headboards were originally decorated and sometimes present whole scenes from marine life or other.

Although, at the turn of the century cottage furniture enjoyed less and less popularity it was never quite forgotten. What’s interesting, this type of furniture is gaining momentum now. In modern times when we’re a little fed up with modern design and its cleanliness and clearly cut lines, such furniture stands a chance to become popular once again. It results mostly from the fact that paradoxically it’s offering us something new, some freshness which isn’t easily encountered in contemporary world when everything seems old-fashioned and used up. What’s more, those type of  furniture has a chance to look pretty good in modern interiors. Why?

Cottage furniture in modern house

First of all, cottage furniture in modern interiors with their clean lines and smoothness can be quite a contrast. Cottage furniture is after all characterised by irregular lines full of curves and plenty of motifs and decorations. Although, at first sight such contrast may seem awkward or too much, if it’s created with taste it can be a good thing. Just imagine your white washed kitchen full of state-of-the-art appliances and furniture. Cabinets are steel grey and appliances and walls are pure white. Then, can you see that pale grey cottage furniture like delicately ornament table and chairs can fit in easily and make a stand. What’s more, such furniture can effectively set off your otherwise boring modern day kitchen and let in some warmth and light.



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