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Wood flooring – design ideas

Wood flooring – materials

You must be really careful when deciding on wood flooring. It isn’t an easy decision and it requires careful planning and consideration. Although, it seems that wood flooring always guarantees style and timeless elegance, it’s good to remember that wood flooring on its own won’t help and elevate your rooms, if they’re not designed well from the very beginning. However, it’s true that wood flooring looks good in all kinds of interiors, both traditional and modern. They are always chic and sleek, which makes them perfect in warm and welcoming interiors of traditional houses, and still looking great in sleek and clearly defined rooms. What are the possible materials that you can choose from?

First of all, you can have timber flooring. It looks good in all kinds of interiors with its air of natural warmth and rustic cottage style. Interestingly, it can add texture to modern, otherwise clean and clear interiors, where most of the times texture is to be hidden and all the surfaces need to be or appear polished and smooth. Another idea is to have multi-layered or engineered wood. These types of flooring guarantee solidity and much more modern look. In this case texture isn’t so visible, and the surface is much more polished and smooth. Finally, you can also have laminate or vinyl flooring which imitates wood. These kinds of flooring are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, where there is a lot of harmful factors that can destroy natural wood or seriously affect even engineered flooring.

Wood flooring – practical solutions

When deciding on wood flooring it’s good to keep in mind a few basic rules. First of all, wood flooring doesn’t look good everywhere. Be careful and try to visualize first before setting on buying something expensive, yet not truly fitting. Secondly, keep in mind that timber wood is rather costly, yet it’s not always a good choice since it wears down easily. Hence, timber flooring in kitchens or bathrooms, or other spaces subjected to harmful factors isn’t a good idea.



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